AIMERS at Spoorthy Engineering College, Hyderabad

.Artificial Intelligence medical and engineering researchers society inaugurated and organised workshop at Spoorthy Engineering College, Hyderabad. Students learned CNN and NLP and participated in project expoView other draftsAI Enthusiasts Unite: Medical and Engineering Researchers Join Forces at Spoorthy Engineering CollegeHyderabad, India (January 14, 2024): In a landmark event marking the convergence of healthcare and technology, the Artificial Intelligence Medical and Engineering Researchers Society (AIMERS) was officially inaugurated today at Spoorthy Engineering College, Hyderabad. The ceremony, followed by an intensive workshop on cutting-edge AI applications in medicine and engineering, drew enthusiastic participation from students, researchers, and industry professionals alike.The AIMERS inauguration was graced by prominent figures from both the medical and engineering domains. D Sai Satish.a renowned trainer in AI and cyber security emphasized the transformative potential of AI in revolutionizing healthcare delivery and medical research. Professor [Speaker Name], a respected academician from [Speaker’s Institution], highlighted the crucial role of collaboration between medical and engineering professionals in advancing the frontiers of AI research.

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