Faculty Development Program on Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms

Faculty Development Program on Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms Greetings from Narayana Engineering College, Gudur & AIMER Society.You are successfully registered for FDP on Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms & Applied ML & DLFDP Details :Dates : 17 &18 Feb 2022Timings : 10 AM to 4PM ( 10AM to 12:30 PM & 2PM to 4PM)Platform Zoom :Meeting ID […]

Workshop on Computer Vision

Artificial Intelligence Medical and Engineering Researchers Society (Regd) is a  group of Medical Doctors, Engineers, Industry Researchers,  Academic Researchers, Professionals, Academicians, Students whose aim is to do Scientific research on Bio Sciences and Medical domain using Artificial Intelligence. Workshop on Computer Vision Prerequisite : Python Date : Feb 4,5 2022 Timings : 7PM to 8PM […]

Google at ICCV 2021

Posted by Cat Armato, Program Manager, Google Research The International Conference on Computer Vision 2021 (ICCV 2021), one of the world’s premier conferences on computer vision, starts this week. A Champion Sponsor and leader in computer vision research, Google will have a strong presence at ICCV 2021 with more than 50 research presentations and involvement […]

Finding Complex Metal Oxides for Technology Advancement

Posted by Lusann Yang, Software Engineer, Google Research, Applied Science Team A crystalline material has atoms systematically arranged in repeating units, with this structure and the elements it contains determining the material’s properties. For example, silicon’s crystal structure allows it to be widely used in the semiconductor industry, whereas graphite’s soft, layered structure makes for […]

Introducing FLAN: More generalizable Language Models with Instruction Fine-Tuning

Posted by Maarten Bosma, Research Engineer and Jason Wei, AI Resident, Google Research For a machine learning model to generate meaningful text, it must have a large amount of knowledge about the world as well as the ability to abstract. While language models that are trained to do this are increasingly able to automatically acquire […]