We are delighted to introduce the Publications Page of the Artificial Intelligence Medical and Engineering Researchers Society (AIMERS). This platform serves as a comprehensive resource for accessing high-quality publications in the field of artificial intelligence applied to medicine and engineering. Here, you will find a wealth of valuable information, research papers, and periodicals that contribute to the advancement of AI in these domains.

Publisher’s Details:
AIMERS is the proud publisher of these publications. Our complete details are as follows:

Artificial Intelligence Medical and Engineering Researchers Society (AIMERS)
Srirams Enclave, Flat 501
Vinayaka Temple Road, Sriram Chandra Nagar
Vijayawada – 520008

About our Publications
Our publications encompass a wide range of topics related to the intersection of artificial intelligence, medicine, and engineering. Each serial/periodical provides a platform for researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts to exchange knowledge, present cutting-edge research, and discuss the latest advancements in the field. Through these publications, we aim to foster collaboration and innovation among professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Aims and Scope:
The publications in our repository focus on various aspects of AI in medicine and engineering. Our content spans topics such as medical diagnostics, image analysis, predictive modeling, robotics, bioinformatics, healthcare systems, smart infrastructure, and much more. By covering a broad spectrum of subjects, we aim to cater to the diverse interests of our readership.

Frequency of Publication:
Our publications are released quarterly, ensuring a steady stream of insightful content throughout the year. Every three months, readers can expect new issues filled with the latest research, analyses, and innovations in the field of AI applied to medicine and engineering.

To accommodate a global readership, our publications are available exclusively in English. We believe that a common language fosters widespread collaboration and enables researchers from different countries to access and contribute to the wealth of knowledge shared within our community.

Starting Year:
AIMERS initiated its publications in 2023. Since then, we have been dedicated to showcasing groundbreaking research and promoting the practical application of AI in the medical and engineering fields.

Format of Publication:
Our publications are available in both printed and online formats. We understand that preferences may vary among readers, so we strive to provide multiple options for accessing our content. The printed versions offer a tangible resource for those who enjoy traditional reading materials, while the online format ensures easy and convenient access from anywhere in the world. Whichever format you prefer, our publications are designed to deliver a seamless reading experience.

We hope that our publications will serve as a valuable resource for your research, education, and professional development. Stay tuned to our Publications Page for the latest updates, new releases, and groundbreaking discoveries in the exciting field of AI applied to medicine and engineering.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [contact email]. We greatly appreciate your support and contribution to our community.

Best regards,

Dhamaraju Sai Satish

Publications Editor
Artificial Intelligence Medical and Engineering Researchers Society (AIMERS)