New Chapter Inauguration: Stanley College of Engineering and Technology for Women, Hyderabad

The rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are playing a pivotal role in reshaping industries, particularly in the medical and engineering sectors. In keeping with this momentum, we are elated to announce the establishment of a new AIMERS chapter at Stanley College of Engineering and Technology for Women in Hyderabad.

This new chapter is not just a testament to the college’s commitment to cutting-edge innovation but also its dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where women can thrive in tech-driven domains.

A New Dawn in AI Research

Dr. Swapna,M. Soumya,Sumayya Afreen in collaboration with Principal Dr. Satya Prasad Lanka, has been instrumental in bringing this vision to life. Their unwavering support and strategic guidance have culminated in the establishment of this prestigious chapter that promises to nurture and guide the next generation of female AI researchers and practitioners.

What to Expect

The AIMERS chapter at Stanley College will:

  • Provide workshops, seminars, and training sessions tailored to AI applications in medical and engineering fields.
  • Offer networking opportunities with leading AI experts, researchers, and industry leaders.
  • Promote interdisciplinary collaboration among students, faculty, and professionals.
  • Advocate for increased representation and active participation of women in AI and related fields.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

We invite students, faculty, researchers, and AI enthusiasts to be part of this transformative chapter. Whether you are a novice intrigued by AI’s potential or an expert in the domain, there’s a place for you at AIMERS Stanley College.

Stay tuned for upcoming events, seminars, and research initiatives.

The Artificial Intelligence Medical and Engineering Researchers Society (AIMERS) is a global community that champions advancements in AI applications within medical and engineering realms. With a commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and education, AIMERS propels the industry forward, breaking barriers and making AI more accessible to all.

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