AI for the board game Diplomacy

Successful communication and cooperation have been crucial for helping societies advance throughout history. The closed environments of board games can serve as a sandbox for modelling and investigating interaction and communication – and we can learn a lot from playing them. In our recent paper, published today in Nature Communications, we show how artificial agents […]

Mastering Stratego, the classic game of imperfect information

Game-playing artificial intelligence (AI) systems have advanced to a new frontier. Stratego, the classic board game that’s more complex than chess and Go, and craftier than poker, has now been mastered. Published in Science, we present DeepNash, an AI agent that learned the game from scratch to a human expert level by playing against itself.  […]

DeepMind’s latest research at NeurIPS 2022

NeurIPS is the world’s largest conference in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and we’re proud to support the event as Diamond sponsors, helping foster the exchange of research advances in the AI and ML community. Teams from across DeepMind are presenting 47 papers, including 35 external collaborations in virtual panels and poster sessions. […]

Benchmarking the next generation of never-ending learners

Our new paper, NEVIS’22: A Stream of 100 Tasks Sampled From 30 Years of Computer Vision Research, proposes a playground to study the question of efficient knowledge transfer in a controlled and reproducible setting. The Never-Ending Visual classification Stream (NEVIS’22) is a benchmark stream in addition to an evaluation protocol, a set of initial baselines, […]

Building interactive agents in video game worlds

Most artificial intelligence (AI) researchers now believe that writing computer code which can capture the nuances of situated interactions is impossible. Alternatively, modern machine learning (ML) researchers have focused on learning about these types of interactions from data. To explore these learning-based approaches and quickly build agents that can make sense of human instructions and […]

Best practices for data enrichment

At DeepMind, our goal is to make sure everything we do meets the highest standards of safety and ethics, in line with our Operating Principles. One of the most important places this starts with is how we collect our data. In the past 12 months, we’ve collaborated with Partnership on AI (PAI) to carefully consider […]

Digital transformation with Google Cloud

We’ve partnered with Google Cloud over the last few years to apply our AI research for making a positive impact on core solutions used by their customers. Here, we introduce a few of these projects, including optimising document understanding, enhancing the value of wind energy, and offering easier use of AlphaFold. Read More

Measuring perception in AI models

Perception – the process of experiencing the world through senses – is a significant part of intelligence. And building agents with human-level perceptual understanding of the world is a central but challenging task, which is becoming increasingly important in robotics, self-driving cars, personal assistants, medical imaging, and more. So today, we’re introducing the Perception Test, […]

How undesired goals can arise with correct rewards

As we build increasingly advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems, we want to make sure they don’t pursue undesired goals. Such behaviour in an AI agent is often the result of specification gaming – exploiting a poor choice of what they are rewarded for. In our latest paper, we explore a more subtle mechanism by which […]