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Discovering when an agent is present in a system

We want to build safe, aligned artificial general intelligence (AGI) systems that pursue the intended goals of its designers. Causal influence diagrams (CIDs) are a way to model decision-making situations that allow us to reason about agent incentives. By relating…

Realising scientists are the real superheroes

Meet Edgar Duéñez-Guzmán, a research engineer on our Multi-Agent Research team who’s drawing on knowledge of game theory, computer science, and social evolution to get AI agents working better together. Read More

AlphaFold reveals the structure of the protein universe

Today, in partnership with EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), we’re now releasing predicted structures for nearly all catalogued proteins known to science, which will expand the AlphaFold DB by over 200x – from nearly 1 million structures to over 200…

The virtuous cycle of AI research

We recently caught up with Petar Veličković, a research scientist at DeepMind. Along with his co-authors, Petar is presenting his paper The CLRS Algorithmic Reasoning Benchmark at ICML 2022 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Read More

DeepMind’s latest research at ICML 2022

Starting this weekend, the thirty-ninth International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2022) is meeting from 17-23 July, 2022 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland, USA, and will be running as a hybrid event. Researchers working across artificial intelligence, data…