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I, Predident of AIMER Society extend an invitation on behalf of the “Artificial Intelligence Medical and Engineering Researchers Society” (AIMERS) to you, to join our esteemed society as an Institutional/Individual/Corporate/Life Member.

Annual Membership Fee:

For Individuals ₹500. Click here

For Educational Institutions ₹10,000. Click here

For Corporates ₹15,000 – Click here

Lifetime Membership Fee ₹15,000. 

AIMERS is a dynamic and progressive organization dedicated to advancing research, innovation, and collaboration in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Medicine, and Engineering. As a member of AIMERS, individuals will have the opportunity to actively participate in our society’s various programs and initiatives, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and promoting academic growth among our members.

By accepting this invitation, members of AIMERS will gain access to the following benefits:

Discounted Courses: Members will have the privilege of enrolling in AIMERS’ courses related to Artificial Intelligence at discounted rates. These courses are designed to enhance their knowledge and skills in this rapidly evolving field.

Workshops on AI: We organize regular workshops on Artificial Intelligence, where industry experts and researchers share their insights and expertise. Members will receive exclusive invitations to these workshops, providing them with valuable learning opportunities.

Contest Participation: AIMERS conducts contests and competitions focused on Artificial Intelligence in the medical and engineering domains. As a member, individuals will have the chance to participate in these contests, showcasing their skills and knowledge in AI.

Access to Datasets: We understand the importance of datasets for research purposes. AIMERS strives to provide datasets relevant to AI research in medicine and engineering whenever possible. Members can request datasets, and we will endeavor to make them available.

Networking Opportunities: By joining AIMERS, individuals will have the opportunity to connect with medical doctors, other researchers, and professionals working in the same field. This networking can lead to collaborations, knowledge sharing, and potential research partnerships.


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