50 AI-CNN project ideas related to healthcare and medicine

50 AI/CNN project ideas related to healthcare and medicine:

  1. Detecting pneumonia in chest X-rays
  2. Classifying skin lesions and melanomas
  3. Brain tumor classification using MRI scans
  4. Breast cancer classification in mammograms
  5. Detecting diabetic retinopathy in eye scans
  6. Finding cardiac arrhythmia in ECG signals
  7. Cancer type classification from histology images
  8. Detecting tuberculosis in chest radiographs
  9. Segmenting anatomical structures in medical images
  10. Predicting Alzheimer’s disease from brain MRI scans
  11. Detecting mitosis in histology images
  12. Diagnosing autism from fMRI brain scans
  13. Quantifying emphysema patterns in lung CT scan
  14. Detecting cervical cancer from pap smears
  15. Classifying audiogram patterns in hearing loss
  16. Analyzing abnormalities in ophthalmology
  17. Identifying COVID-19 in chest CT scans
  18. Assessing fracture risk from bone X-rays
  19. Detecting breast cancer metastases in lymph nodes
  20. Grading cataract severity from eye images
  21. Evaluating arthritis from joint X-rays
  22. Assessing spinal abnormalities from radiographs
  23. Characterizing Multiple Sclerosis lesions
  24. Detecting neurological disorders from EEG signals
  25. Diagnosing psychiatric disorders from fMRI scans
  26. Predicting cardiovascular risk from retinal fundus images
  27. Classifying kidney diseases from CT/MRI
  28. Detecting spinal fractures from radiographs
  29. Predicting preterm births from ultrasound images
  30. Analyzing dental conditions from radiographs
  31. Diagnosing pediatric pneumonia from chest X-rays
  32. Detecting orthopedic injuries from musculoskeletal MRI
  33. Analyzing chromosomal abnormalities
  34. Detecting glaucoma from retinal OCT scans
  35. Classifying skin cancer subtypes histology images
  36. Predicting drug effects from gene expression data
  37. Detecting diabetic neuropathy from retinal images
  38. Identifying pathogenic bacteria using microscopy
  39. Analyzing cellular structures through digital pathology
  40. Assessing trauma severity from CT scans
  41. Detecting medical equipment faults and errors
  42. Predicting sepsis onset from clinical time-series data
  43. Anomaly detection in medical claims data
  44. Quantifying muscle degradation via ultrasounds
  45. Analyzing posture and gait abnormalities
  46. Detecting pressure injuries from photographs
  47. Monitoring fetal development via ultrasound
  48. Diagnosing tropical diseases using microscopic images
  49. Predicting complications in surgical procedures
  50. Monitoring ICU patient deterioration